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Amber Leighty

Provisional Licensed Mental Health Practitioner



Amber specializes in substance abuse, mens issues, sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma and person(s) who have experienced incarceration. Amber also completes ASI chemical dependency evaluations.

Amber Leighty, PLMHP

Mental Health Therapist


Amber is a master clinical counselor and provisionally licensed mental health practitioner with Creative Counseling and Studio. Amber is a trauma informed therapist who has worked with teens and adults struggling with addiction, trauma, anger, impulsivity, and legal issues. Amber specializes with people experiencing life on the fringes of society such as, poverty, homelessness, racial-injustice and people who have felonies. 

She is connected to community resources in both Lincoln and Omaha. She has worked with people from all walks of life and identifies as queer-allied, racial-justice allied, and transgender-allied.

Amber specializes in trauma informed cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, motivational interviewing, and use a person-centered and strengths-based approach. She has extensive training in substance abuse, anger management, trauma, anxiety, depression, codependency, mood disorders, personality disorders, and sexual based trauma. 

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In- Person and Telehealth Options Available

In Network with: Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Nebraska Medicaid, Nebraska Total Care & AmBetter, Healthy Blue- Medicaid

A Few Words from Amber

"I am dedicated to working with those that society deems too much, untreatable and throwaways. Together, with your health coming first, I know things can get better."

- Amber Leighty


More about Amber

I love to play with my dogs, explore nature, cook, and finger paint.

I believe no one is ever broken, because people are not fragile - we have proven how resilient we are by being alive. I’m passionate about giving kindness always because nothing makes me feel better than giving good energy.

I believe the bravest thing you can do is having the courage to start something new and open yourself up to vulnerability. My every day, positive affirmation is: You have worth, you have value, and you are important.


Contact Amber for Chemical Dependency Evaluations. 

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