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Chemical Dependency Evaluations

Telehealth and face to face options available. Based on the availability of the provider. 

How Does It Work?

Have you been recently placed on probation and required to complete a chemical dependency evaluation? Are you at risk of being sanctioned without a co-occurring evaluation. Are you trying to be admitted to a drug treatment program. If so, contact us for your comprehensive evaluation today. 

Chemical Dependency Evaluations with Creative Counseling and Studio take two hours to complete. Once completed, your evaluator will gather collatoral information from your personal and professional contacts. Once completed, your evaluation will be submitted to the appropriate parties. 

Service Prices

Transparent and fair pricing for your mental health needs. 

15 Minute Consultation


One Time Phone Call 

Determine Best Fit & Level of Care

Free & Confidential Consultation 

Fast & Easy Access to Service

Paperless & 100% Mobile Intake Process

Start Counseling w/in The Week

Free Insurance Verification On Us

Chemical Dependency Evaluation


Per Evaluation

Probation Vouchers May Be Available

2 Hr Session

Telehealth or In-Person Options

Getting Started & Treatment Planning

Payment Plan Options Available

30 day assessment turn around

As Needed Follow Up Session


1 Time Follow Up

Sliding Scale Fee Available

45-60 Min Session

Telehealth or In-Person Options

Session to Complete Evaluation

Payment Plan Options Available

On-Going Therapy Options Available

Comprehensive Evaluations You Can Trust

 Schedule with Us Today

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