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Desiree Valentine

Provisional Licensed Mental Health Practitioner

Provisional Licensed Clinical Social Worker



Desiree specializes in birthing parents health , postpartum health, women who have experienced sexual trauma, spirituality, grief, depression, anxiety and BIPOC populations. 

Desiree Valentine, PLMHP, PLMSW

Therapist & Social Worker


Desiree earned her bachelor's degree from Stephens College in psychology. She earned her masters of science degree in social work from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She also earned her All Black Full Spectrum Doula certification from the Sumi's Touch Doula School.* 

Her specialty is with melanated women and their families. Which included, practicing sacred womanhood, spirituality, and sensuality. She has served various populations such as the following: women, men, teen moms, first generation college students, people of color, foster care youth, couples, new parents, grandparents parenting, parents with an open CPS case, substance abuse, probation parents, and expecting parents. 

She have also worked with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis, and grief.

*Desiree Valentine does not provide doula services through Creative Counseling and Studio. 

Image by Joseph Pérez

Telehealth Only

In Network with: Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Nebraska Medicaid, Nebraska Total Care & AmBetter, United Healthcare-Medicaid, Healthy Blue Medicaid

A Few Words from Desiree

"Mind and body wellness is central to health. Connecting to your authentic self in therapy is a gateway to living your best life. Let's work together to unpack your story for clarity and peace.

- Desiree Valentine


More about Desiree

Desiree has always been interested in traveling and world history. Once she reached college, she  began to travel to a few major cities and eventually traveling internationally. She is interested in learning about culture, languages and indigenous practices. Desiree describes traveling to South Korea as a life changing experience for the better.

Since the start of her nomadic lifestyle of 2012, she has been a better human and friend to all walks of life.

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