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Karleigh Hanie

Billing Specialist



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Karleigh Hanie

Billing Specialist


Karleigh Hanie is a seasoned medical biller and coder with over a decade of experience in healthcare administration. Holding a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) credential, Mrs. Hanie has demonstrated expertise in accurately translating medical procedures, diagnoses, and services into universal alphanumeric codes.


With a diverse background, she has worked extensively in orthopedics, behavioral health, physical therapy, and general surgery settings. Throughout Mrs. Hanie's career, they have honed their skills in navigating complex medical billing systems, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and optimizing revenue cycle management processes. Their proficiency in coding has not only contributed to efficient reimbursement processes but also to maintaining meticulous records essential for patient care continuity and healthcare facility operations.


Karleigh brings a unique blend of technical expertise and practical knowledge to their roles, facilitating seamless communication between healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients. Their commitment to accuracy, integrity, and continuous professional development underscores their dedication to excellence in medical billing and coding.

Outside of the medical billing and coding world, Karleigh is an avid enthusiast of various hobbies. With a passion for creativity, they find joy in sewing personal clothing, channeling their imagination and craftsmanship into unique garments that reflect their individual style. A devoted fan of all things Disney, they delight in the magic and wonder of Disney movies, theme parks, and collectibles, finding inspiration in the timeless stories and characters.


Additionally, Karleigh is an enthusiastic participant in tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) such as Dungeons and Dragons, where they embark on epic adventures, weave intricate narratives, and collaborate with friends to create unforgettable experiences in fantastical realms. Through these diverse interests, Karleigh embraces opportunities for self-expression, exploration, and connection with others beyond the boundaries of their professional life.

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