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Feeling Overwhelmed and Alone?

Gain access to telehealth counseling.

Therapy with Adults

Complex Trauma

Have the nightmares and flashbacks increased? Are you struggling to adjust to life stressor?  Are you a survivor of traumatic events? Have you experienced cultural, gender or sexual orientation maltreatment? 


Are you using drugs and alcohol and ready for a change? Have relationship and legal issues become a problem as a result of drug use? Are you contemplating trying other ways of coping with your life? Take this quiz below to assess your issues.

Anxiety & Depression

Is your worry overwhelming your daily living? Are you struggling to get out of bed, eat or sleep on a regular basis? Are you finding it difficult connecting with yourself and others around are you? Take this quiz below to assess your issues.

Therapy with Couples & Families

Grandparent Parenting

Do you provide the primary support for your grand-children? Are you struggling to meet the evolving needs of youth today? Do you feel isolated, resentful and alone? See resources for you below.

Complex Dynamics

Is there constant chaos within your family? Are your children arguing about everything? Are family events painful, awkward and traumatic? Is your connection with your parent fading? See resources for you below.

Family Divorce

Are you divorced, separated or considering? Is there concern about the impact on your children? Do you need support in navigating your new reality? Any domestic violence? See resources for you below.



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

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