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Rashmi Moily

Expressive Arts Therapist

Provisional Licensed Mental Health Practitioner



Rashmi Moily

Rashmi specializes in populations across the lifespan that are struggling with: anxiety, depression and eating disorders. She specializes in working with the elderly, veterans, women, AAPI, and the neurodiverse. She is accepting new clients at this time. 

Languages Spoken: English Hindi, Kannada, Tulu, Urdu. 

Psychology Today Rashmi Moily

Rashmi Moily, MS, MBBS, PLMHP, AMFT

Expressive Arts Therapist



Rashmi Moily is a provisional mental health therapist who is a clinically trained physician from India passionate about seeing people achieve inner well-being using an eclectic approach through the theoretical lens of narrative , humanistic and experiential that incorporates consciousness, art therapy, and psychotherapy .


She was born and raised in Bangalore, India. Rashmi received her medical graduate degree from Bangalore University, India. She moved to the United States after her marriage and pursued a Master of Science degree in Creative Arts Therapy from Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. Rashmi is a certified conscious parenting coach from Dr. Shefali’s Institute. She is currently studying Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and is expected to graduate in August 2023.


Rashmi has had the opportunity of working with diverse populations . She has had twenty years experience helping neurodiverse populations maximize their potential and driving holistic health across various settings, including hospitals and nursing homes. She is adept at quickly building rapport and delivering high-quality, client centered, outcomes-based therapy that promotes behavioral change. Rashmi is skilled in developing treatment plans, population-specific interventions, and adapting therapeutic methods to accommodate unique physical, psychosocial, cultural, and age-specific client needs based on counseling and psychotherapy models and consciousness and mindfulness modalities.

Paint Buckets

Telehealth Only

In Network: Nebraska Total Care & AmBetter, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare- Medicaid, Molina- Medicaid

A Few Words from Rashmi

"If we do not author a love story with ourselves, we may never know the wounds of our own soul. This way we will not only be in denial of our pain as well as others. Furthermore, we will project our wounds onto others by hurting them as that becomes the only way we see our suffering, our hurt. In the safety net of therapy we can show up for ourselves, discover our inner world, learn why we do what we do. In the comfort of knowing ourselves, we find our true belonging. In this eventuality, in the fullness of time, we can belong in this world and show up for others without betraying ourselves. There is a wealth of love and freedom in this way of being. The process of therapy can navigate you towards your most cherished home, yourself. Our relational stories bloom from this place of abundance only."

- Rashmi Moily

Rashmi Moily

More about Rashmi

Rashmi believes human beings are essentially relational beings and we are not built to live in isolation. Her long term goal is to touch as many human lives to be seen, heard through the safe intimacy of therapy so they can feel their feelings and find safe space in the belonging in the world around them. Rashmi truly believes self worth is the main ingredient that encompasses healthy boundaries, trust , faith , belief , accountability and courage within ourselves so we can belong without compromising ourselves in this world.

Rashmi is a trained classical Indian dancer and musician . But she loves to dance and sing in the company of her kids or just by herself to her playlist on Spotify. She enjoys reading , writing and cooking . Yoga and cardio keep her healthy everyday. But her most luxurious indulgence lies in ‘dolce far niente’ the sweetness of doing nothing and she highly prescribes that to her clients.

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