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Yasmin Henderson

Artist | Therapist | Entrepreneur | Educator | Innovator

"Learning the art of living everyday." - Yasmin 



Yasmin Tucker

Professional business coaching for mental health entrepreneurs. Yasmin specializes in ages across the lifespan who have experienced trauma.

Psychology Today Creative Counseling and Studio


Yasmin Henderson 


Art Therapist, Founder & Owner


Yasmin is a child, teen & adult therapist who specializes in art therapy, EMDR, CPP, DBT, trauma-informed & multiculturally sensitive care. She received her Master of Science in Art Therapy from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee Wisconsin. 

Yasmin is a nationally registered art therapist, licensed independent mental health practitioner, licensed professional counselor, licensed alcohol and drug counselor and certified clinical trauma professional. She has worked with children, adults, persons in recovery from substances, people struggling with severe and persistent mental illnesses, parent-child dyads, families, and couples. Yasmin has over 16 years of experience in social services and 7 years as a practicing therapist.

Yasmin founded Creative Counseling and Studio in 2019 to provide an affirming and expressive space for multicultural folks struggling with mental illness and addiction.

A Few Words from Yasmin

“I believe in the healing power of creativity. Let's work together, doing whatever it takes to get you feel better. I am LGBTQIA2IA+ affirming, physical ability continuum ally and social justice advocate."

- Yasmin Tucker

Yasmin Tucker

More about Yasmin

From the moment I learned that art and therapy could be combined I was hooked! As a child, I was naturally drawn to art making and crafting. I learned through the art of making, we can find answers that we are looking for. 

Some of my passions include, my family, watching documentaries, dancing and short road trips. My medium of choice is acrylic painting and colored pencil drawing. I am excited that you are welcoming mental health recovery into your life. Join us at Creative Counseling and Studio as we navigate your pain and healing. 

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