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Easy Hacks for Fighting Off the Sunday Scaries

Julie Morris- December 5, 2023

If you are one of the millions of people who spends their Sundays anxiously worrying about the school or work week ahead, you are experiencing what’s commonly referred to as the "Sunday Scaries." The good news is that you can help keep those feelings of fear and dread away. This guide from Creative Counseling and Studio provides tips and tools to help you prepare mentally and physically for school or work, so you can reduce anxiety as you start the week.

Make Sundays All About Self-Care

Instead of turning to bad habits like alcohol, which can worsen anxiety, embrace healthy habits so you can enter the week physically and mentally rested.

Get Organized for the Future

Advanced planning will help you feel ready for your work and school tasks, reducing stress.

Don’t Forget to Make Time for Fun

Give yourself something to look forward to in the week ahead.

The Sunday Scaries can leave the best of us dreading Mondays and even make it hard to fall asleep on Sunday nights. However, by devoting your Sundays to healthy habits – as well as taking some actions that will benefit you long term, like eating more healthily and going back to school – you can make them more manageable and alleviate anxiety. Try some of the hacks above to get started.

Creative Counseling and Studio is here for all your mental health needs. Reach out today to schedule an appointment.

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