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The Benefits of Virtual Art Therapy

Nicole Hoffmann, PLMHP, ATR-P- July 20, 2022

Many people are intimidated by the idea of art therapy. The COVID epidemic changed the way many of us conduct meetings, and now art therapy can be done in person or virtually. If you have been thinking about trying virtual art therapy, now is the time to do it.

You also do not need to be an artist or have artistic ability to benefit from art therapy. Art therapy is used to tell your story, and that can be done using stick figures, shapes, colors and ‘childlike’ images. The process of creating the art is what is important in working with an art therapist. Art therapists are trained to provide creative self-expression techniques to help clients become comfortable with creating art and gain emotional insight from the end result, no matter how it looks.

Many people find virtual art therapy beneficial, in that it saves time and money by eliminating the need to drive to an office. Clients also enjoy having therapy in the comfort of their own home, or during a lunch break at their place of work. The connection between art therapist and client can still be built and strengthened over time through virtual art therapy.

Telehealth services are secure with a HIPAA compliant platform and appropriate ethical guidelines. Your privacy is protected because sessions are never recorded. Also, notes are saved on the same secure platform, accessible only to your therapist.

A few things are necessary to prepare for virtual art therapy sessions:

  1. A safe and private space: It is essential to have a quiet, private space to meet with your therapist. This allows to proper HIPAA compliance, as well as the opportunity for candid expression during the session.

  2. Good lighting and technology: It is important for the art therapist to be able to see their client clearly, to assess for overall well-being. It is best to have good lighting above you or to your side, but not behind you. You will also need a computer, phone or tablet to sign in to your telehealth appointment. You need a good Internet connection and the latest version of your preferred browser.

  3. Art materials: You are welcome to use whatever art supplies you have on hand, even if it’s simply notebook paper and a pencil.

  4. The most important thing: YOU! It is okay to feel nervous or anxious before a session. Be sure to communicate your feelings with your art therapist, and you can work through them together.

Starting therapy when life gets overwhelming is one of the best things you can do for your overall well-being. Telehealth is an easy way to access this service when you need it most. Creative Counseling and Studio has art therapists who meet with clients via telehealth. To set up an appointment, please call us at (402) 401-4445 or visit

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